Worlds Collide

Lyrics by: Niklas Hult & Robin Vagh

Worlds Collide

Somethings waking in the night
Shadows lingering in the light
Our angels are keeping out of sight

Who´s watching us tonight

Struggling battles falling down

No one knows what´s going on

The earth is burning in raging fear

our hope´s a delusion, hope is gone pain is here

Darkness is falling, our world might be ending

(our) lost souls are calling for angels descending

Worlds Collide and bonds will be broken
Worlds Collide the end is upon us

Evil´s unleashed in reality? Or is it merely in our dreams?

Our guardian angels are looking down, they´re watching us tonight

resisting battles taking form, We know the war is on

The fear is fading, we´re fighting back

Our hope´s restored, salvation´s here

Darkness despanding, the tide might be turning

(our)lost souls are hoping for angels descending


Worlds Collide and hearts will be broken
Worlds Collide the end is upon us

...Is there reality somewhere

Is it just a dreams

Do you think I want this

I didnt do anything to you

I just wanna go back...

Darkness trembling. The light is returning

(Our) souls cry for mercy, the angels are descending

Worlds Collide and spells will be spoken
Worlds Collide and that´s a token
Worlds Collide the end was upon us

Worlds Collide you can´t bring us down

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