Robin Vagh

Guitarplayer, programmer, Keyboardplayer and the mastermind behind the Project.

Wrote most of the material and preproduced it

Jan-Åke Jönsson

An exceptional skilfulled bassplayer, and also a trained guitarist as well...

Had been by Robins side through all his releases with VAGH and OPTIMYSTICAL. Jan-Åke is Always the first person to be involved in all Robins plans. With his pounding basslines he's always giving the songs new depth.

Jay Matharu

A fantastic guitarplayer as well as Composer. He's just made an release of his own. "These Clouds are so undisciplined".

Robin contacted him for a couple of solos for songs:

Ms Bad News

Pyramids of Power

Door of Pain

Voices in my Head

and Silence in a Cry

"Jay has created magic on this tracks", Robin says.

"It's an honor to get to work with him."

Lars Granat

Extremely talanted guitarplayer, usually a member of Swedish band Ended. He was brought in at the end of the recordings of the first album MindFuckness, for some solos and fills.The songs were:

Since Tomorrow
Like Fire
Last to Know and
Falling into Oblivion...

"He´s managed to record guitarlines that really took the songs to a higher level", Robin says...

"I had a great time contributing some licks and solos to the album Winter in Paradise. Robin has the ability to really nail that classic rock style that I love but also mix it with more modern elements which I think make his music very original"

Lars says about contributing to Winter in Paradise..

Björn Ledelius

A Long time friend and a great lyricist. And he´s not that kind of guy that writes metal-lyrics by formula 1 A

"Whenever I get stuck I turn to Björn. And he always delivers" says Robin.

Niklas Hult

First Leadsinger of CCD.From Gävle, Sweden. Has also the ability to write lyrics that perfectly suits the songs mood.

He was brought in as a session singer, but became a valued member of the Project. Without his efforts you wouldn´t had the chance to listen to Mindfuckness...

At last it Worth to mention that he´s the co-founder of GHK, Gefle Hårdrocks Klubb...

Rickard Cederqvist

Third leadguitarist to contribute, was actually the first to be recruited. He wrote and recorded the solos for the songs:

Worlds Collide


Fortune (walk with me)

"When Niklas and I heard the solo for Worlds Collide we both thought that this Project was definitely heading in the right direction", Robin says...

Rickard has an fantastic touch and technique and the solo on both songs are played with great feeling.Perfectly fitting the songs moods