The story of the Swedish hardrock Project CCD and the Creation of the album MINDFUCKNESS

CCD - Compulsive Composing Disorder - is a Swedish hardrockproject  founded by Robin Vagh. Right now the Project is developing into something really exciting!

It started back in 2015 when Robin discovered he was suffering from some kind of disorder. He was Always (!) thinking in terms of new songs. Prior to this Project he  founded VAGH and OPTIMYSTICAL that released three albums within them:

2002 - Sands of Time (VAGH)

2004 - Into the Future Zone (VAGH)


2009 - Distant Encounters (Optimystical)

Late 2016 he decided to step up the pace developing the material. He started the inventory of all songs written since his last release. And of some old one as well.

He also started the search for great musicians, as well as good human beings, for the recordings...

And the journey Went on...


In january Robin found leadsinger Niklas Hult who was added to the Project both as singer and lyricist. He´s got a great ability to fullfill Robin´s ideas of lyrics for the songs. A great cooperation started that will take the Project to a new level.

In february leadguitarists Jay Matharu and Rickard Cederqvist joined the project for some guitarwork. Another bit of the jigsaw puzzle was in place.

Also Jan-Åke Jönsson agreed to record some basslines for the songs. Much appreciated!

And, not the least, illustrator Robert Toth created a logo

Jan-Åke Jönsson

Niklas Hult

June and july 2017

All basslines are in Place, Niklas has almost recorded all vocals and the last of the leadguitar parts has been delivered by Lars Granat , swedish band Ended. Due to hard work and ,much dedication from everyone involved we´ve soon got all the rcordings in Place. Soon, soon , it´s time for a testmix of a killer song... Watch out!

August and september 2017

All the vocal recordings were completed and mixing the songs began.

October and november 2017

Mixing is finallized and the material is mastered by the guys in Studio Claustrophobic in Gävle, Sweden.

December 6 2017

The album MINDFUCKNESS ia being released all over the internet.

October 2018.

Re-release of MINDFUCKNESS as a digital album

January 2019 
Work began on a second album. 

May 2019

Niklas leaves the project

June 2019

Björn Ledelius gets involved in the project as lyricist and Mike H is new leadsinger. Also a first printed edition is released.

July 2019

Mike H leaves the project. He couldn´t live up to the great expectations he had created...